Living the Dream in the Pearl

Funny how life works, I’m back where I started.

I moved to Portland in 2004 from Santa Monica, CA to buy a house before I turned 30 years old. My plan was to buy a house, rent it out and keep exploring and traveling. Surprisingly, I ended up loving Portland (like everyone else) and decided to stay. I started in NW Portland at the base of Lower Mckleay park almost 12 years ago. I loved the area and felt like it was a great landing pad to “experience” Portland. I lived in Northeast Portland in my 30’s and recently relocated to the Pearl. I always thought it would be fun to live in the Pearl and enjoy the city. And here I am living in the Pearl with my 3 babydolls and enjoying the city every single day. The Pearl is shockingly kid friendly with a great playground (Field’s Park), water fountain park (Jameson Square) and even an off leash dog park.

Life is good and one surprise after another!


Taking a photo break after running laps around Field’s Park in the Pearl.

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