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Finding the Clean Air on the Airplane

Recently, I was working a flight and another flight attendant ran to first class to “breathe.” I had finished my first class service and was sitting on the jumpseat as he bombarded me. He said it’s “fartsville” in the back and it keeps on coming…I almost fell off the jump seat laughing because I’ve been there. I gave him my best shocked, stressed out emoji face and said “omg, that’s so gross.”

He went on to describe in great detail the wafts of smells that ranged from food to farts. His description was so good, I had to stop him because it went from funny to suffering for me. lol. I’m sure the people sitting in first class can let it go at their seat too but it’s rare. Probably just a numbers game, less people up front so less likely?IMG_1630One of many reasons I’d rather work the flight over being a passenger. You can leave main cabin to find the clean air if you need to. I’m sure we’ve all been there, innocently sitting in your seat on a full airplane when you get broadsided by a neighbor letting it rip. I always assume the best in people and hope that it accidentally slipped out.IMG_5499Best advice I have for finding clean air on the airplane is to secure your first class seat! Otherwise, best of luck and hope that you get some clean, nice smelling neighbors.

Happy flying

Summer Is Coming

Summer is coming. I think I speak for everyone in Oregon when I say FINALLY! The good news is that warm air and long nights are here. As we prepare for #campmommy, here are a few pics of us romping around the pearl.IMG_2049Don’t miss the drool coming out Pepper’s mouth and Blaize’s chocolate coated mouth, post Kai’s birthday cupcake. Haha! Happy girls!IMG_1677Pepper biking in the Pearl in her Elsa glory!IMG_0770So much love! Blaize going in for the gentle cheek kiss while Pepper grabs my face and kisses me hard 🙂 IMG_2180Kai reading to Blaize and Pepper. My heart is so happy. I love my littles!


Summer Reading Program Still Rocks!

So, the summer reading program kicked off yesterday and we were there to sign up! It’s our 3rd year in a row and it’s hard core this year. They have official dates when you can finish your reading to spread it out a bit more. Also, there is one grand prize of a Great Wolf Lodge trip at the end of the summer. Dear God. Kai is having a hard time understanding that only one family will win that trip and it has very little to do with how fast you read… Lol I told him I’m still recovering from our Great Wolf Lodge trip this year and planning Legoland. “The things we do for love.” IMG_2155Blaize, Kai and Pepper sorting the cookies at the library for a “cookie sale.


“Team building at it’s finest!

IMG_2120Mama and Kai enjoying those library bean bags. So comfy! haha

IMG_2137Pepper “hiding” the cookies under the table at the library while we went to the bathroom. Luckily, the librarian witnessed this with me and had a great sense of humor. We both giggled as she said in her LOUD 4 year old voice, “Blaize, I’m hiding the cookies under the table!”

IMG_2161The token Summer Reading Program poster.

Great Wolf Lodge

Great Wolf Lodge in all it’s glory.

Barefoot, indoor waterpark with screaming kids and hairy dad bods everywhere. I wanted to take my kiddos to Great Wolf Lodge for at least a year. Then Mimi hosted her 60th birthday party there and that itch was scratched. lol Let’s just say I’m good, and not curious anymore about the Great Wolf Lodge. 🙂IMG_9090The whole gang before we suited upIMG_9058The Great Wolf Bear SnuggleIMG_9047Mimi rocking 60 with the Great Wolf Lodge Bear!

Twins, Keeping it Fair Daily

Pretty sure all moms feel the pressure squeeze with “keeping it fair” and “keeping it even” with multiple kids. I’m constantly trying to give special attention to each one of my 3 little peanuts. This morning, Pepper told me she was so mad at me with a tear in her eye. I asked her why and she said because I brushed Blaize’s hair first… I kept my surprise face inside, showed Pepper my straight face and told her that tomorrow she would get her hair brushed first. Gave her a big hug and voila, we were happy and smiling again!

This is a regular event with my 4 1/2 identical twin girls. Who get’s to hold mom’s hand? Who gets the first sip of water? Who gets the first bedtime song? As I navigate being a mama bear to my feisty, twin girls I want to remember that I’m not alone. Sending an air fist bump to all my mamas out there who juggle with “keeping it fair” with their littles.IMG_8567Twin Love!