Finding the Clean Air on the Airplane

Recently, I was working a flight and another flight attendant ran to first class to “breathe.” I had finished my first class service and was sitting on the jumpseat as he bombarded me. He said it’s “fartsville” in the back and it keeps on coming…I almost fell off the jump seat laughing because I’ve been there. I gave him my best shocked, stressed out emoji face and said “omg, that’s so gross.”

He went on to describe in great detail the wafts of smells that ranged from food to farts. His description was so good, I had to stop him because it went from funny to suffering for me. lol. I’m sure the people sitting in first class can let it go at their seat too but it’s rare. Probably just a numbers game, less people up front so less likely?IMG_1630One of many reasons I’d rather work the flight over being a passenger. You can leave main cabin to find the clean air if you need to. I’m sure we’ve all been there, innocently sitting in your seat on a full airplane when you get broadsided by a neighbor letting it rip. I always assume the best in people and hope that it accidentally slipped out.IMG_5499Best advice I have for finding clean air on the airplane is to secure your first class seat! Otherwise, best of luck and hope that you get some clean, nice smelling neighbors.

Happy flying

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