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Bunny Love

Well, we’re officially bunny lovers! It’s been over a month since we brought this little guy home.

No, I didn’t dream of owning a bunny. No, I didn’t think about it for 2 years. No, I didn’t know what it would be like… AND I’m so happy we did it! We adopted our little guy Turbo from the local shelter. 2DBE26FC-2C43-411E-B865-68CFB66BE878Kai holding turbo the day we rescued him

This soft little bunny has been so much fun. I had no idea that bunnies had such fun personalities. Our bunny is only 6 months old but fully grown. Thank goodness! I was concerned that we’d have a ginormous bunny-I thought he was going to double in size. So happy to hear from the vet that our little turbo is going to hug his current weight of 5.5 pounds.

Bunny Love all around our house these days ♥



I Still Love Peacock Lane

As I told one of my favorite parent friends that we did Peacock Lane last night he asked but why?? I said, with big eyes, I don’t know? I’m tired from the ice skating birthday party on Sunday too BUT it was a ped only night at Peacock Lane. woohoo! He said, but why would you do that? Driving down Peacock Lane is so much nicer. And at that moment it did sound easier. I was brushing Pepper’s hair and cutting her pink satin ribbon for the ponytail bow. It’s day 2 of Blaize and Pepper wearing big huge, satin bows in their hair. Their idea 🙂 (Remember Little House on the Prairie? We’re on season 3)  Blaize’s teacher greeted Blaize this morning and said said “oh another big bow for you?!” Montessori schools are awesome and oh so honest. Haha! Peacock Lane-Pep and hot cocoaPep living her best life waiting for her hot cocoa to cool off. 🙂

After I did big bows, big hugs and kisses and hustled off to hot yoga I remembered why I drug my kids to SE Portland on a Monday night at 6pm to walk Peacock Lane. Because I LOVE fresh air and ADVENTURE. I heard a lot of questions and a fair amount of complaints but Pepper’s smile in that Charlie Brown house made it all worth it. And mama got a ton of fresh air. Gz%+yEGqRf2u5m4QtKoGMwOne of my favorite houses on Peacock Lane. As we were walking by the owner came out of his house to greet the crowds and Blaize said is that Dr. Seuss?! hahahagsqo6jx2rf66ktmzqenrrg.jpgThis huge, happy smile is ONE of the many reasons I rallied to walk Peacock Lane last night with my sis and her pod.Peacock LaneThe whole gang wiggling down Peacock Lane like one big herd


I’m lucky. I’m almost 45 years old. I’m a single mom with three young children who I adore. I spend most of my time being the best mom I can be for them. Reading parenting books, teaching kindness and respect. Modeling high integrity with my words and actions with them and other people. Staying positive and diplomatic when their emotions get hot. And 7 year old identical twin girls have some big emotions. And I feel lucky to hold space for them as I believe they deserve. In my opinion, all kids deserve to have their kid brain nurtured with age appropriate lessons and so much love and compassion.

Getting the right snacks that are healthy and always having their water cups full with the right color of straws. Looking them in the eye when we talk. Listening, problem solving, creating and snuggling them as much as possible. It keeps me busy in a way I can’t explain to a married mom with 3 kids.

But also, I have an amazing job that forces me to take care of me. Lucky is how I feel. I always knew I wanted to be a flight attendant AND a mom even when I flew for Northwest Airlines back in 1998.

Good news is that I have a strong intrinsic motivation to workout, practice yoga and a deep hunger to keep learning and playing. This was built long before I had kids and continues to thrive even as I mostly think of myself as Blaize, Pepper and Kai’s mama.

Longboard surfing is my newest hobby and it has my full attention. Learning to carry this 9 foot plus beast on top of my head to the beach with the wind and the Japanese tourists took me 3 months to learn. It’s still one of my proudest parts about learning to surf. Nobody talks about how hard it is to learn to balance and carry that big ass board on your head except for me.fullsizeoutput_5cadI love to call it like it is. So when the 20 somethings start to look at me kinda funny, I shut it down hard and fast and remind them that I could be your mom 😂 #truth

So I feel lucky that this mom bod can learn an intense sport like longboard surfing. Surfers make it look easy. I’m telling you loud and clear there is nothing easy about learning to surf in your 40’s post 3 babies.

After surfing a few times a month for about a year, I received the best compliment ever last weekend. A surf instructor (not mine) yelled, “your paddle looks good and strong!” Whaaaat?! Really? Paddling is something I’ve worked on and talked about constantly. Then like any good, honest human he also yelled “your problem is you’re looking back at the wave and it’s killing your momentum AND you’re in the wrong spot. Haha! I love the truth tellers.

Never a dull moment when you’re learning a new sport in your 40’s.

What’s on your learning list in 2020? Love to hear your big goals!

It’s Official, I Love To Eat

This is so true. Always has been. Except, I prefer having someone cook for me. Maybe, it’s cooking for one that makes me want to eat out or maybe it’s being a mom? Dunno? Either way, I’ve never enjoyed someone cooking for me more than I do right now. I mean, if we’re talking about the crazy hot matrix, then someone who can cook would raise their number by at least 1.5 points in my book. Just sayin.

IMG_0676_2Soaking up Portland sunshine with my girls. On our way to PIZZA. 


If you haven’t seen the crazy, hot matrix-you must watch it! I love it! If you laugh and love it, then we can be friends. If it makes you angry or defensive then I don’t want to know you.

Maybe, I appreciate food more than ever because I am constantly in the kitchen at home “feeding, cleaning up and then feeding again.” Taking care of my little people is a full time job that I love but boy it’s a lot of “wet hands” in the kitchen.

I started getting lean cuisines because sometimes a hot meal with zero clean up is really nice. Actually, it’s frickin awesome! And it’s even cooler on the airplane. When I pack my lean cuisines and cook them in the galley it’s pretty rad. It smells so good. And it’s all about perspective. My spaghetti lean cuisine was the envy of all the flight attendants and a couple of first class passengers. Something vulnerable and real about being hungry on an airplane. Basically, you have nothing to eat, there’s nothing to buy AND we’re 38,000 feet in the sky.

Maybe I’ll bring back my love for oranges on an airplane. Before I had kids, I used to eat an orange on the airplane and loved it. Then I had kids and was busy pumping breastmilk for years on the plane.

Well my airplane pumping days are long gone (thank God!) so bring out the oranges!

Working Out is Hard For Everyone

Working out is hard! Oh so hard.
Don’t feel like working out? Me either.
Too tired to workout today? me too.
Have a sick kid at home and can’t manage to get it together for a home workout? Me too.
Too busy to workout? Me too.
Don’t feel like walking in the cold, wet rain with your 3 little kids in tow to the gym. Me either.IMG_3403Pepper in her tangled dress getting her exercise

But…I do it anyway. I play the same game as everyone else and toss the idea of “not” working out for the above reasons and so many other good, legitimate reasons. But I squeeze that workout or yoga in anyway.IMG_3230Blaize in her cowboy boots gettin’ it on the EFX

People say I’m lucky because I like to workout. Wait, what?! Lucky, I wouldn’t say that. I workout because I like the afterglow. I like my experiences, my thoughts, my attitude, my patience, my food choices and my sleep after I workout. It’s a decision to be healthy and fit and it is rarely convenient or even sounds like fun to me. #realtalk

I will even take it a step further and say it may be harder for me (this is where I piss people off) Not because I’m a single mom and have my 3 small little people most of the time. It’s harder for me because my results aren’t visible and are hard to track. When you’re trying to lose 10, 20 or 50 pounds that’s easy to see results. And as long as you’re consistent with exercise and food, those pounds usually come off fairly quickly to celebrate regularly.

First time in probably 7 years, where I’m not trying to lose the “baby weight.” And, I’m not trying to squeeze into a ridiculously tight and uncomfortable New Year’s Eve dress. Hoping I’m in my swimsuit and local flip flops somewhere on new year’s eve. My fitness goals are different today than what they’ve been in the past…These days, I’m focusing on the “Triple S’s” which are part of my new normal.

My triple S’s are: STAMINA, STRENGTH AND STRETCH. I can kinda measure it with weights and flexibility but forget the scale. As the scale stays the same my clothes get baggier and baggier. Took me awhile to tap back on the cardio queen stuff that I innately love.

I want my 3 little people to grow up thinking water is the preferred drink and outdoor activities and exercise is part of the daily schedule. Blaize stated that we’re getting exercise while we lugged 8 grocery bags from the car, to the elevator and down the hall to our house today. Yep, we sure are!

So when you think, I don’t have time, energy or whatever other good reason you can think of, think of me… Think of me, hustling my 3 little people out the door with their water bottles, snacks and sassy attitudes to walk to the gym. Sure, it’s only a few blocks away (thank God!) But someone always cries when they don’t get to hold my hand for the walk. Real crying with real tears people… One day, I’m sure I’ll look back fondly on the intense love my littles have for me. Taking turns holding mama’s hand is so hard!

My point is, that when I’m on the airplane in my tight, little costume dress it may not “look” like I struggle to workout or make the time to go to the gym but I promise I do. I’m just like you-trying to get out the door to get my workout in is half the battle. Often my body drags my mind to the gym. So strange but very true. Muscle memory is real. Perseverance, and commitment to myself and kids to be a healthy mom wins every.single.time.IMG_9080Maui Surf Session with my hot mama!

This is 42 my friends and it’s different than I planned but it kinda looks okay. It’s not perfect and it’s not for free 😂but nothing worthwhile ever is.

Friends, stay healthy and active even when you don’t want to. 🙂

Respect The Hustle

Sure, not everyone is a mom but most people hustle. So, why not talk about it, laugh about it and share it? I’ve always been a passionate person with a lot of hustle. Whether it was teaching spin classes, running marathons or traveling. Hustling and squeezing it all in has always been my game. Little did I know, that there ain’t nothing like the “mom hustle.” Growing up my mom made it look so easy and pretty! Haha! Still not sure how she did all the wonderful things she did while wearing full makeup no less. But she did and did it well-fancy dinners and all. Well, I’ve got my own little hustle game that includes the usual housework, laundry and everyday adventures. Fancy dinners, not so much. Outdoor and daily adventures, yes please!IMG_0770Love and SOOO much of it. Pepper is grabbing my face for her favorite “true love” kiss.IMG_5418Me, snuggling all 3 littles almost 4 years ago. This would be my inside “mom hustle.”IMG_7847Me, tossing the mom hustle at Back to School night. IMG_6937Just a little family grocery shopping in the pearl. There’s nothing like grocery shopping with 3 little kids in tow. Haha!

Pokemon Go Makes a Strong Come Back At Our House

Yes, we play Pokemon Go. Yes, we like it. Yes, we are safe. Last summer when Pokemon Go came out, I downloaded it thinking it would be fun for Kai. Turns out, it’s fun for both of us!

I know the Pokemon Go gets a lot of bad press. Much like the rest of my life, I focus on the positive parts. Such as getting outside and walking all around the city to find Pokemon. As long as you’re safe and use common sense, I believe getting out and about with Pokemon Go is always better than drawing the shades and parking it on the couch in front of the gameboy/ipad/Wi or whatever other zombie device you prefer.

My kids are trained to chant “Eyes up, phone down” anytime we near crossing a street. Personally, I think this is a good chant for anyone walking outside whether you’re texting, emailing or rocking the Pokemon Go. IMG_0337The new meaning to double fisted. Last summer, I started my own game on another phone. This lasted for a short time.

After taking a few months off from the Pokemon Go, we are back at it! I love to fill Kai’s bag with goodies by walking around the city and collecting goodies at poke stops for him. Like any good kid, he likes to “use the stuff I collect” so we make a pretty rad team if you ask me.

In the beginning of Pokemon Go, it’s really easy to Level Up because it only takes 1000 points or so. That goes away once you hit level 20. IMG_9928We are so close to leveling up to 24 and I will not stop until we do. Lol! Spoken like the Dedicated Pokemon Go mama that I am. Happy Adventuring my friends!

UPDATE: Less than 24hours and I was able to Level up to 24! Hardwork and dedication really do pay off. 🙂IMG_9966.PNG

Laundry with 3 little peanuts is a daily struggle

You know how they say you spend 1/3 of your life in bed so buy a good mattress? Well, it feels like I spend 1/3 of my life doing laundry. These little people below love to CHANGE their clothes all day long. I’ve implemented a new house rule of wearing jammies for 2 nights. Even that is not sticking well, because they forget a lot. Kai always looks surprised when I remind him as he’s tearing his jammies off and throwing them in the laundry basket. And Blaize and Pepper are the worst for constantly changing clothes. They’ll look at a princess dress, put it on for a hot minute and call it “dirty” long before it’s time. Lately, they all help me (in their own special way) with laundry from washing to folding Hoping it’s going to change sometime soon. And if it doesn’t, I’ll just relish these crazy group hugs that bring me to my knees and make me smile. IMG_9837Our group hugs often slide to the ground. It’s something to see especially in public at Starbucks.IMG_9865.jpgOur infamous sock pile that makes me dizzy




Portland Streetcar to the Library

Last year, Blaize and Pepper called the streetcar the “choo choo” this year they call it the train. Things are changing. IMG_9296Riding the streetcar is still a treat for my little peanuts. Pretty sure I’m the only one who drags the double Bob stroller with me on city adventures. What can I say, it’s a great place to stow your purse and snacks and little people if their feet get tired. IMG_9310Posing outside the downtown library.IMG_9304It’s hard to tell but Pepper was so happy riding the streetcar. Continue reading

Leaning In

It keeps coming up, in yoga, in life and in books. “Lean into it.” As I enter a new year and reflect on 2015 and dream about 2016, I’m leaning in…

IMG_9599I’m leaning into being a full time babymama with 3 year old identical twin girls and a 5 1/2 year old spirited little boy. I’m leaning into turning 40 last year and embracing my health and wellness like never before. I’m leaning into learning more about life, love and the pursuit of happiness. I’m leaning into playing, giggling and snuggling my big, beautiful life with 3 little people by my side.

IMG_0989Happy new year from our big, little family to yours. I hope you join me and lean into your “new normal” in 2016!