I Still Love Peacock Lane

As I told one of my favorite parent friends that we did Peacock Lane last night he asked but why?? I said, with big eyes, I don’t know? I’m tired from the ice skating birthday party on Sunday too BUT it was a ped only night at Peacock Lane. woohoo! He said, but why would you do that? Driving down Peacock Lane is so much nicer. And at that moment it did sound easier. I was brushing Pepper’s hair and cutting her pink satin ribbon for the ponytail bow. It’s day 2 of Blaize and Pepper wearing big huge, satin bows in their hair. Their idea 🙂 (Remember Little House on the Prairie? We’re on season 3)  Blaize’s teacher greeted Blaize this morning and said said “oh another big bow for you?!” Montessori schools are awesome and oh so honest. Haha! Peacock Lane-Pep and hot cocoaPep living her best life waiting for her hot cocoa to cool off. 🙂

After I did big bows, big hugs and kisses and hustled off to hot yoga I remembered why I drug my kids to SE Portland on a Monday night at 6pm to walk Peacock Lane. Because I LOVE fresh air and ADVENTURE. I heard a lot of questions and a fair amount of complaints but Pepper’s smile in that Charlie Brown house made it all worth it. And mama got a ton of fresh air. Gz%+yEGqRf2u5m4QtKoGMwOne of my favorite houses on Peacock Lane. As we were walking by the owner came out of his house to greet the crowds and Blaize said is that Dr. Seuss?! hahahagsqo6jx2rf66ktmzqenrrg.jpgThis huge, happy smile is ONE of the many reasons I rallied to walk Peacock Lane last night with my sis and her pod.Peacock LaneThe whole gang wiggling down Peacock Lane like one big herd

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