Surf Mama

One of my favorite things of 2019 was surfing. Long board surfing. VOLUME. Long and thick, light to carry and easy to paddle. I say this every time I get to the surf shop. I want a 9’2-9’6″ (longboard) that’s light to carry, easy to paddle with lots of volume. One of the surf guys likes to say, girrrl you want too much as they shake their head and laugh. Well the good news is that I know what I want (that’s half the battle) Took me a year to figure out what I like. Trying a new surfboard every time I sure is going to make me a better surfer (that’s what they keep telling me) haha! But, I’m ready to find a board of my own. Something that I can get cozy with. Riding a new board is exciting and a little wild because when I stand up I get to know how much rub she’s gunna give me. Sometimes, the rub is just right but sometimes it’s not enough and we struggle through the surf session. C0DAC492-0958-4373-A253-1220FA013E7B9’6 Dick Brewer longboard in Waikiki

The best part about this surf day was when my iwatch popped off and I found it with my feet! Oh my grapes! For the first couple of months of surfing, I worried about my watch coming off while surfing. It’s never been an issue until this day. I yelled to my surf buddy near by, “can you dive?!” What, he yelled back as another wave was coming toward us. I lost my watch-can you dive? He said try and get it with your feet. So I did. I held onto my board and dropped down a couple of feet as the wave came over head, felt something and grabbed it with my toes. I pulled my foot out of the water and sure enough it was my watch. I was so stinky happy and proud of myself. I started cheering for myself because I was giddy. I’m so tough! Yes! I did it all by myself. Haha!

FtkPey3bSNGcZtFax1wk7wSo happy to come in with my watch 🙂

Yoga toes baby!

Surfing with my iwatch is so fun! So cool to record my wave speed and distance along with my daily activity credit.

I want to know, do you surf with a watch?

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