Pokemon Go Makes a Strong Come Back At Our House

Yes, we play Pokemon Go. Yes, we like it. Yes, we are safe. Last summer when Pokemon Go came out, I downloaded it thinking it would be fun for Kai. Turns out, it’s fun for both of us!

I know the Pokemon Go gets a lot of bad press. Much like the rest of my life, I focus on the positive parts. Such as getting outside and walking all around the city to find Pokemon. As long as you’re safe and use common sense, I believe getting out and about with Pokemon Go is always better than drawing the shades and parking it on the couch in front of the gameboy/ipad/Wi or whatever other zombie device you prefer.

My kids are trained to chant “Eyes up, phone down” anytime we near crossing a street. Personally, I think this is a good chant for anyone walking outside whether you’re texting, emailing or rocking the Pokemon Go. IMG_0337The new meaning to double fisted. Last summer, I started my own game on another phone. This lasted for a short time.

After taking a few months off from the Pokemon Go, we are back at it! I love to fill Kai’s bag with goodies by walking around the city and collecting goodies at poke stops for him. Like any good kid, he likes to “use the stuff I collect” so we make a pretty rad team if you ask me.

In the beginning of Pokemon Go, it’s really easy to Level Up because it only takes 1000 points or so. That goes away once you hit level 20. IMG_9928We are so close to leveling up to 24 and I will not stop until we do. Lol! Spoken like the Dedicated Pokemon Go mama that I am. Happy Adventuring my friends!

UPDATE: Less than 24hours and I was able to Level up to 24! Hardwork and dedication really do pay off. 🙂IMG_9966.PNG

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