Twins, Keeping it Fair Daily

Pretty sure all moms feel the pressure squeeze with “keeping it fair” and “keeping it even” with multiple kids. I’m constantly trying to give special attention to each one of my 3 little peanuts. This morning, Pepper told me she was so mad at me with a tear in her eye. I asked her why and she said because I brushed Blaize’s hair first… I kept my surprise face inside, showed Pepper my straight face and told her that tomorrow she would get her hair brushed first. Gave her a big hug and voila, we were happy and smiling again!

This is a regular event with my 4 1/2 identical twin girls. Who get’s to hold mom’s hand? Who gets the first sip of water? Who gets the first bedtime song? As I navigate being a mama bear to my feisty, twin girls I want to remember that I’m not alone. Sending an air fist bump to all my mamas out there who juggle with “keeping it fair” with their littles.IMG_8567Twin Love!



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