Respect The Hustle

Sure, not everyone is a mom but most people hustle. So, why not talk about it, laugh about it and share it? I’ve always been a passionate person with a lot of hustle. Whether it was teaching spin classes, running marathons or traveling. Hustling and squeezing it all in has always been my game. Little did I know, that there ain’t nothing like the “mom hustle.” Growing up my mom made it look so easy and pretty! Haha! Still not sure how she did all the wonderful things she did while wearing full makeup no less. But she did and did it well-fancy dinners and all. Well, I’ve got my own little hustle game that includes the usual housework, laundry and everyday adventures. Fancy dinners, not so much. Outdoor and daily adventures, yes please!IMG_0770Love and SOOO much of it. Pepper is grabbing my face for her favorite “true love” kiss.IMG_5418Me, snuggling all 3 littles almost 4 years ago. This would be my inside “mom hustle.”IMG_7847Me, tossing the mom hustle at Back to School night. IMG_6937Just a little family grocery shopping in the pearl. There’s nothing like grocery shopping with 3 little kids in tow. Haha!

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